Festive Paper Peacock

paper peacock blue and red with green neck crafted

Spread the love with this darling paper peacock.

Your purchase includes two easy to put together, printable peacock designs and two envelopes to send as gift by snail mail!

paper peacock blue and red with green neck flat pages top print

How it purchase you paper peacocks templates:
1. Make your purchase from Happythought’s Shop and download your PDF templates.
2. You are now ready to print and assemble your peacocks! They can be printed on letter or A4 paper and include full and easy instructions for assembly.

BUY THE TEMPLATES HERE + Make this beautiful paper craft!

Printable Peacock download:

PDF HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) file contains the following:

1) Step-by-step instructions
2) Blue peacock DIY templates/cutouts
3) Red peacock templates/cutouts
4) Envelope templates
5) Peacock color in pages

Peacock color in printable!

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