Festive Turkey Templates

two turkeys for thanks giving holidays november 2011

Fabulous Christmas Turkeys. Elegant place setting or an ornament to complement your holiday season’s decorations.

A stylish Christmas decoration.

So you have set up your table, cooked and prepared a feast of a lifetime and invited family and friends. The mood is set for a great celebration.

festive turkey thanksgiving templates and patterens table decorations

How to make a Paper Turkey: Photo step by step.

a step by step guide to make a paper turkey

Easy, quick & fun turkey templates

1. Our printable paper crafts are designed to be super simple to make.
2. Print out your turkey templates on to a good quality stock paper.
3. Follow our easy instructions and create your product in a matter of minutes.

10 printable paper crafts

Download this FREE Thanksgiving Garland – Its easy. We will send you a link to instantly download your template.

free thanksgiving garland printable paper craft

Instructions (Included in your downloadable turkey template)

Fold the body of the bird along ‘fold 1’, then unfold your paper so that it is flat again and make a second fold – fold 2’as indicated – for the small tail.

Fold the paper in half again along ‘fold 1’ and glue together each side of your bird, but leave the small tail area unstuck.

Cut out your bird and then fold the small tail back on both sides so that it fans out, ready to be stuck to the larger tail.

Fold the larger tail page in half as indicated, then glue together and cut out. If you like you can bend it gently to give the tail a slight curve.

Now carefully glue the smaller tail to the larger tail, just sticking the centre feathers. Be sure that the bottom of your turkey’s body is at a right angle with the large tail so that it stands up nicely.

How to make a Paper Turkey: Printable Christmas Craft: Easy to do – Watch Video Now…