Story Telling Dice

A stack of paper dice printed on paper for craft fun and story telling

Roll the dice & tell your own story!

Use the images as inspiration for your very own tall tale. This is a great game to play with your family, perfect for rainy days, imaginative play and travelling too.

images if paper dice templateGreat images for a story telling paper dice

These fun and inspiring images are perfect to introduce  quick, simple and  fun story telling. 35 bright and bold characters and props:

Flower, a lollipop. a pear, an umbrella, a ladybug, a yellow crown, a snail, a house, a xylophone, a cute red cat, a ship, a green winged bumble bee, an orange robot, a giraffe, a circus tent, a rain cloud , a classical guitar, a haunted castle,  a green crocodile, a horn, a black top hat, a mushroom, a green frog, an red one eyed monster, autumn leaf, dali, skull, red fire ant, red tailed bunny rabbit, vert cute green dinosaur. water melon, wand, butterfly and a russian nesting doll.

instructions for a printable dice game telling stories happythought





How it works:

Make your purchase. We will send you an email with a link download and print your 6 sided story dice PDF. Cut, fold and stick the dice (this can be a fun activity for children too!)

Paper craft story dice weaving a few of our own stories

How to tell a story with your child using paper

1. The Snail and the Crocodile fell in love. They ran away to the Big Top and were married by a Russian Doll. They dined on Pears, fell asleep on a bed of magic Feathers and lived happily ever after!

2. The Trumpet band was full of characters. Red Monster, Bumble Bee and Black Dog were put in charge of washing the uniforms. When it came to washing Dinosaur’s uniform they had to ask all the Flowers in the kingdom to help.

Ideas for play

your daughter enjoying a game of paper dice story telling
1. Each child takes turns in rolling the story dice, using the face-up images to inspire a story.
2. Each child rolls a story dice and together they weave a story.

Get Rolling Now!