Russian Doll Cupcakes

Russian doll cupcake wrapper and topper templates!

Adorable Russian Doll Cupcakes

Adorable Russian Doll  printable cupcake wrappers and toppers to add extra cuteness to your cupcakes!

Your russian doll cupcakes kit includes:

14 cupcake topper designs, 4 cupcake wrappers with full and simple instructions.

Suitable for: Everyone!
Great for: Parties, birthdays, rainy days.

Russian doll cupcakes - wrappers and toppers template!

How it works:

1. Make your purchase from our stsy shop here

2. Download your cupcake and wrappers template from the link provided or from your email we will send you.

3. You are now ready to print and assemble your Russian doll paper crafts. Your purchase includes full and easy instructions for assembly.