Polar Bear Family

polar bears inside going for a walk paper crafting

Decorate your festive home with this gorgeous family of paper Polar bears!

Create a fantastic festive centre piece or mantle piece decoration with this easy to make paper craft PDF template. Make as many Polar bears as you like and fill your home with Arctic joy!

Instructions on how to make paper polar bears easily

vintage toys for christmas place settings

How to make our Ice Cool Polar bears

Included in your purchase is a step by step guide with photos to show you how easy it is to make your Polar bear family. All you will need is scissors (or a craft knife if you prefer) and some glue. It is as easy as that.

How to make a christmas polar bear paper craft quick

Carefully cut around your Polar Bear’s body, head and ears. Fold the body in half. Cut out the scoop of your Polar bear’s back as indicated.

making the ears of the polar bears

Carefully fold your bear’s heads in half. Attach an ear on each side. Lightly run your glue stick around the inside of your bear’s shoulders. Place the head inside the fold and stick in place.


vintage toys for christmas place settings

Give Momma bear & her cubs a home!


Did you know?

Some fun Polar bear facts…

Polar bears are are the largest of all bears, and they are also the largest predators on land.

Polar bears can swim at a speed of six miles per hour.They use their front paws to propel forward in the water and use their hind legs to steer.

The fur of a Polar bear is oily and water repellant. This allows them to shake dry after swimming.

A Polar bear’s fur is not actually white! Each hair is transparent hollow tube, so the fur of the bear looks white because the hollow hairs reflect the light. It looks as if our bears have been hanging out in the Northern lights, which explains their colourful appearance!

 Polar bears live in the icy cold Arctic. Their paw pads have rough surfaces which help to prevent slipping on the ice.

Easy, quick and Fun

Our printable paper crafts are designed to be super simple to make for all the family.

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