Paper craft Mistletoe template!

printable mistltoe kiss brings kisses at christmas

It started with a kiss…been dreaming about a kiss from a special someone, but feeling shy about making a move?

When the season of good will is upon us, it’s the perfect time to grab that kiss!
Everyone knows about kissing under mistletoe, but as much as we love this Christmas tradition it’s not always that easy to get your paws on a sprig of mistletoe itself.
Just download our simple papercraft mistletoe template to get yours!

Download our free printable DIY Paper craft mistletoe template.

No excuse to get smooching! Instantly download, print, stick and snip Happythought’s free Mistletoe template (it’s easy-peasy and quick to make, we promise!) and you can kiss up a Christmas storm.

Hang it in a doorway or take it to a party for a merry, merry Kiss-mas!

Keep up the tradition of Kissing under Mistletoe.

download free printable mistleoe kiss template

Want to get your Mistletoe Kiss? Easy!

What is Mistletoe?

Mistletoe is a parasitic or semi-parasitic plant that takes root on trees, mostly hardwoods. It looks like a hanging or drooping bush with a yellowish tinge to its evergreen leaves with modified roots that embed themselves into the trunks and branches of the host tree. Once in place the mistletoe forms tubes through which water and nutrients are collected. The mistletoe is slow-growing but persistent parasite.

The north American version of mistletoe is called the dwarf mistletoe and contains many of the same properties as the European version.

Holly Mistletoe

It is easy to confuse the two but in reality Holly mistletoe doesn’t exist  A Holly bush has many of the same properties as Mistletoe but they are in fact different plants. Both have small red berries and both are used as Christmas decorations. So to keep your kiss real, Kiss under a Mistletoe sprig and keep the Holly for the other decorations.

Tutorial Video: Learn how to make a paper mistletoe (free printable template) to get a Christmas kiss!

‘Your lips on my lips – that’s a merry, merry Christmas!’
Of course for the Beliebers, Mistletoe now holds special significance. In 2011 Youtube sensation Justin Bieber invited fans to ‘kiss me underneath the mistletoe’. The Biebs here with a Christmas ballad that could turn the coldest of hearts to slush!

Mistletoe in Spanish is muérdago. Besos!

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