Free Printable Crafts

Free printable crafts easy, quick paper crafts for any party, family event or social activity.

Instantly download & make now! Full instructions, simple how-to-do guides. Just select any the one of our cute collections and get crafting. A stylish father’s day garland, some free bunnies, a litter of kittens for christmas plus some cute scary halloween russian dolls, some tartan bottle kilts to dress up your dinner table and a finally a  thanksgiving garland that simple says ‘Give thanks’.

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best seller reindeers look great for any mantlepeice

Check out these gorgeous Reindeers

One of our best sellers & a big hit with papercraftering people from all around the globe.

Happythought’s Reindeer PDF template contains clear instructions of how to print, cut out and make a cute paper craft ornament from.

Stylish Decorations & Ornaments

Our range of cute paper crafts are ideal for a makeover or some decoration on top or a great room.

A flurry of Little Angels
Momma Polar Bear walking her cubs
A stylish nursery Rocking Horse
Vintage tin Toy Soldier
Cute Classic Bear
Reindeers on your mantlepiece
A delicious looking Turkey dinner

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 What our customers say:

“Fab idea. Love them and really promptly sent. Can’t wait to start cutting them out….”
HelenHappythought Folksy Shopper.

“Loved the Reindeer so much I came back for the garland! so cute!”
BrendaHappythought Etsy Shopper.

Thank You for the generous download… my daughter loves russian dolls…and I’ll print this out this morning and put it in her lunch box for a wee surprise! Thank You !! Sue, Happythought Printable paper products Shopper.

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Easy, quick and fun!

All our paper craft projects are ready to instantly download, print & create. You don’t have to be a ‘master crafter’ to master Happythought’s paper crafts. Download anyone of our free printable crafts or our photo tutorial on ‘How to make a paper Teddy Bear’ with a Downloadable PDF template to try out for yourselves.

We strive to make our kits as easy as possible to put together, using a printer, some scissors and a glue stick.

So, even if you don’t see yourself as the ‘crafty type’, why not go ahead and take a leap into the world of paper crafts with us – we’ll hold your hand. We think you’ll like the results!

See how easy & quick it is to make a Happythought paper craft with our step by step photo guide:

How to make a paper Bear

a three step instruction into making a paper craft teddy bear

Step 1: Fold your Teddy as shown and glue back to back.
Step 2: Carefully cut around your Teddy.
Step 3: Fold gently at the waist and feet so that  Teddy can sit down.

100% classic bear with harry on it's chest

 Download the template to try yourself now!