Russian Doll Gothic Garland

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Cute spooky Halloween garland!

Happythought’s Russian Doll Paper Craft Halloween characters are super cute. Cute Vampires, Zombies & Mummies all contained in a Russian Doll garland.

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We will send you our printable PDF templates with clear instructions. In no time you will be ready to make & hang these cute Russian Dolls.

Paper craft activity with this cute Russian Doll –  Just print & make!

All our Paper Craft templates are easy to make and beautifully designed. Halloween doesn’t have to be all scary and black. There is always another way to see the world. Add a bit of color and hang this alternative Halloween garland this holiday or any other time of the year.

About Russian Dolls

Russian dolls are also known as the matryoshka doll or Russian nesting dolls. The first Russian dolls was made in about 1890. Russian dolls are an intergral part of Russian life and of course Russian identity.

A classic Russian doll consists of a least five figures with elaborate painted designs adorning each figure. Made of wood, the Russian doll depicted a peasant woman or young girl on the outside. The inner dolls then consisted of either men or women. The final doll was always a baby.

Traditional themes consisted of fairy tales. Slowly over time artists started to introduce new ideas such as wildlife, flowers, religion, christmas, easter and portraits etc.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a particular world favorite was Russia’s former leaders. This pushed the idea that any theme could be used to decorate Russian nesting dolls.