Cute Paper Craft Toys

toys from another time made from paper

Cute Paper craft toys

Add a sense of classic yesteryear to Christmas with our modern take on three traditional christmas paper craft toys.

Quick and easy to download, these fabulous retro style toys add a great finishing touch to your Christmas table. Inspired by favorite toys from the past, your printable paper place settings also make lovely ornaments for Christmas.

Fun & Festive Place Settings

So you have set up your table, cooked and prepared a feast of a lifetime and invited family and friends. The table is set for a great celebration. Just add the finishing touches with cute paper craft toys to add a bit of color to your table decorations and displays.

Our bright and colourful rocking horse, toy soldier and vintage teddy bear also incorporate a space to write your guests’ names on, to make sure everyone is sitting where they should be. You don’t want Aunt Mable sitting next to Uncle Ronnie – anything could happen!

10 printable paper crafts
Easy, Quick and Fun

Our cute paper craft toys are designed to be super simple to make for all the family.

Remember to do it your way. If you just want to print out the toy soldier then that will work.

december 25th christmas 2011 toys classic traditional rocking horse paper





Print out your products on to a good quality stock paper.

Follow our easy instructions and create your product in a matter of minutes.

soldier, rocking horse and cute teddy bear made of paper


How to make our fabulous Retro Christmas Toys

Included in your purchase is a step by step guide with photos to show you how easy it is to make your Polar Bears. All you will need is scissors (or a craft knife if you prefer) and some glue. It is as easy as that.

Old Time Teddy Bear
Sitting on your bed waiting for you to get back from school. What has Mr. Teddy been up to all day?

fold, stick and glue your paper craft classic teddy bear

Fold your Teddy as shown and glue back to back. Carefully cut around your Teddy. Fold gently at the waist and feet so that  Teddy can sit down.

vintage toys for christmas place settings

Classic Toy Soldier
Stand to attention! Daddy is coming home and wants to inspect the play room. Are all the children and toys soldiers line up and ready?

toy soldier paper craft for cutting out and making christmas

Fold your Toy soldier along the fold and glue. Carefully cut around your Toy Soldier. Fold his feet forward so that he can stand up.

vintage toys for christmas place settings

Retro Rocking Horse
This classic from the past was always a favourite in the playroom!

retro rocking horse for ornament christmas how to

Rocking horse paper craft instructions ornanaments

Fold your Rocking Horse as shown and glue. Carefully cut around your Rocking Horse. Fold the horse’s head as shown. Cut out the head, being careful around the ears. Fold the head over the body and glue.

vintage toys for christmas place settings