Kittens in socks: Kawaii kittens garland

kawaii garland

Happythought free garland made of kittens in socks kawaii

Kawaii kittens garland: This cute & cuddly printable garland is just purrrfect for Christmas!

Meet Tiddles, Ziggy, Primrose, Pebble, Blondie, Muffin, Cheeky, Sleepy and Smudge! These cute kitties would just love to celebrate Christmas with you.

The garland is super easy to put together and can be as long as you like.

christmas printable garland template


A modern garland decoration for Christmas: A Cute Free Paper Craft!

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Download the free template here

Christmas garland templates to print out and make!

kawaii kittens garland diy home decorations for free

christmas garland template

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