Advent Calendar Garland

Count down to Christmas in Style.

A fun ‘pocket’ garland with space for a festive treat each day (for example candies, button badges, stickers) to count down to Christmas!

This unique and beautifully designed advent calendar is easy-peasy to put together and your children will love the excitement of searching for a treat each day. You can hang your advent garland pockets on a pretty ribbon or fishing wire, in order from 1-25, or in random order to make the hunt a little more of a challenge.

The fun of a printable template is that you can print a calendar for each child in the household, and maybe one for the adults too…! The whole family can help and have fun putting together and hanging the garland – all that you need is scissors, sticky tape and some ribbon. Happy Christmas everyone!

christmas advent calendar printable at home

The dimensions of each advent calendar pocket are 100mm wide by 85mm tall by wide by 34mm deep.

How it works:
1. Make your purchase and download your PDF files.
2. You are now ready to print your garland! The kit can be printed on letter or A4 paper and includes full and easy instructions for assembly.

How to make an Advent Calendar: Printable Christmas paper craft: Easy to do – Watch now.

A little more about the Advent calendar tradition…

Christmas Advent calendars originated in Germany, in the 19th century, when different methods of counting down the days to the celebration of Christmas were used, such as drawing of chalk lines to mark off the days, or the lighting of a candle every night until Christmas. The first known Advent calendar was hand made in 1851. The first printed calendar was produced by Gerhard Lang in Germany in 1908. Now days there are many forms of calendars available. We hope you enjoy making and using our advent calendar – maybe it will become your family tradition!

What is included in your kit

Counting down the days to christmas. From Decmeber 1st to December 25th. Here is a short description for each pocket we have designed.

1. Woollen mittens to keep you warm.

2. Christmas decorations for you tree.

3. Pretty christmas bell.

4. Beautiful snowflake with hearts on sky blue.

5. Christmas tree and snowflakes.

6. A sweet pear.

7. Classic wise owl.

8. White snowflake with hearts on green.

9. Holly leaf and  red berries.

10. Red bauble decorations for you tree.

11. Christmas star and burst on red.

12. A lovely blue bauble on grey background.

13. Ginger bread Snowman.

14. Ornate tree decoration red on blue.

15, honest christmas angel. So sweet.

16. White snowflake with hearts on red.

17. Holly leaf and  red berries on white.

18.  Christmas tree with red decorations.

19. Stylish silver bauble on green background.

20.  White snowflake on blue.

21. A red Socking waiting for sweets.

22. Star shining on green.

23. White bunny rabbit in love.

24. Some walking stick red and white stripped candy cane.

25.  The big man himself – Father Christmas aka Santa claus.