Happythought - Ellen Deakin & Harry Olden

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Ellen Deakin

Ellen was born with a pencil in her hand and from the earliest years decorated every note and letter with her designs. She went for a year to Chelsea Art School and then on to a degree at Glasgow Art School, best-of-Britain and home of architect/designer Renee Macintosh.

In between the interruptions of having two children with co-designer Harry, whom she met at the art school, she has worked on many projects including 2 years on a series for Disney tv channel. With Harry she started Happythought to develop and promote products and designs of all types and markets, from animated series to silhouette portraits and, reflecting her personal interests as a mother, on to paper crafts and home decor

Ellen’s design is not just of a standard that appeals to top contractors like Disney, it is completely original and trend-setting. She has a style all her own, distinctive and recognisable, which adds freshness and charm to all her products.  Her work is much more than unique; it incorporates a style which is young, trendy and outstandingly different and brilliant. The range is wide but things closest to her heart seem to be connected with products to delight in family and home life.

Harry Olden

is also a designer of flair and talent. He is the business mind behind Happythought. As he is also the web designer he has much less time to devote to design himself, but still occasionally comes  out with something original and striking, to complement the work of Ellen.