Printable Tartan Kilt

kilts to go on any bottle how cute
Free Printable Kilt

Happythought’s cute wee ‘Printable kilt Bottle decoration’ for any occasion. Well any party or event that needs a little bit of tartan. We have condensed  our ideas onto 3 colored tartans, red, green and blue. Mix and match our simple printable kilt  to colours that suit your ideas for your party theme.

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3 colours of Paper Kilts: Red, green & blue. (See preview sheets)

We came up for the bottle kilt idea whilst researching and developing Happythoughts Burns Night Companion printable eBook. A guide to help you celebrate one Scotland’s most famous exports Rabbie Burns. Our eBook was aimed a people trying to hold a small informal Burns Night. A few chosen elements that are key success to memorable and uplifting Burns Night.


The celebrations have become more than a simple appreciation of Burns poems and songs, great as they may be. Burns has become a symbol for Scotland and Scots all over the world. His national pride, strong beliefs in human equality and quick wit are celebrated worldwide. So celebrate wherever you are with a little bit of plaid (our printable kilt), a dram and some homely Scottish fare.

Short History of the Kilt

The kilt was first know as the great kilt, the breacan or belted plaid. The kilt is Highland Gaelic in origin and first appeared in the 16th century as a full-length garment whose upper half could be worn draped over the shoulder, or brought up over the head.
The philibeg or small kilt, also known as the walking kilt (similar to the modern kilt) was used by Highlander’s employed in logging industries, charcoal manufacture and iron smelting.