Gift Boxes to make your presents stylish

Gift boxes: templates to download, print, create

Gift boxes as templates to print for your special gifts or party favors. Wrap it up with an adorable and easy to make Happythought gift box. These come in various shapes and sizes and you get the pdf to use for ever. Plus full how-to instructions for easy assembly.

House boxes for your gifts, to adorn your house or dress your table at any ceremony.

These come in various shapes and sizes and take the pain out of wrapping small presents, organising party favours or setting out cookies. With a choice of colours, rural designs, flowers, rabbits and free-range chickens browsing in the grass around, the barnyard house gift boxes make delightful containers for any use, as do the gingerbread houses.

Pillow gift boxes, templates to print for the littlest gifts, such as jewelry or could it be a watch?

Happy Owls and Foxy pillows as boxes – fun and easy to make. You can provide entertainment for  the children making these, or put them togehter quickly and easily by yourself.

It isn’t just the thought that counts

Preparations for Christmas, wrapping presents, decorating the table and the house, are as exciting as the Day itself, especially if you have such wonderful wrappings and decorations to enhance even the best of presents.